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Moroccan Berber Rugs - The Timeless Classic For Your Interiors

Berber rugs are no longer under the radar in the interior design universe. Interior designers all over the globe are taking notice of them fast. If you want to be "in the know" in the home design world, you should put your focus on Moroccan Berber rugs. These rugs come from the scenic Atlas Mountains [...]

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Show Your Careful Attention To Detail with A Moroccan Berber Rug

When you decorate your home, you make many choices during that process. One of the most important choices you will make when you decide to decorate your house is the choice of flooring. Your floors set the tone for the rest of the home. Careful attention to detail is important. A fully crafted look can [...]

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How Moroccan Rugs Spread All Over the World

The Berber people have been producing their famous rugs for thousands of years. The earliest rugs were purely practical tools, but that changed relatively quickly. Like most people, the Berber tribes felt the need to decorate their tools. That turned the rugs into beautiful works of art that were treasured for both their practical value [...]

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Berber Rugs Make The Ideal Accent Piece

When you select a d├ęcor style, that style is typically used consistently throughout the house. However, the atmosphere in the individual rooms should vary to match the intended purpose of the room. The atmosphere in a family room might be vibrant and energizing while the atmosphere in the bedroom would likely be calming and serene. [...]

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Exquisite Berber Rugs

Our exquisite Berber rugs, hand-crafted by artisans of the Berber Tribe in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, will add elegance and beauty to your home. Each rug we offer has been hand-selected, on one of our journeys to Morocco, to assure its authenticity and meticulous craftsmanship. While you may find designer tips and current trends [...]

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The Moroccan Tribal Rug -- The Beni Ourain Rug

For over a decade, Moroccan rugs have dominated floor treatment in interior design. This can be said especially about the rugs created by the Beni Ouarain people. These textiles are particularly valued for their modernist design, strikingly simple use of color, and compatibility with a variety of contemporary styles. Beni Ouarain rugs perfectly complement modern [...]

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